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Being attached to your dog or cat doesn't make leaving them easy. We are here to help you. Here are some frequently asked questions.


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Q: What areas do you serve?
We serve all of So. Boston.

Q: Will I meet the personal assistant who is caring for my pet and will I have the same person every time?
Yes and Yes. The personal assistant that you meet during your initial free consult will be the assistant who will care for your dog or cat. Emergencies happen and if your regular sitter is unavailable one of our other professionals will be happy to care for your pet.

Q: Will my dog be walked alone or in a big group?
We realize that the little legs of a pug can't keep up with the massive stride of a Great Dane, or that sometimes dogs just have personality conflicts. This is why we NEVER walk dogs in large groups. If your dog enjoys a little company on their walk and you would like your dog walked with a buddy of similar size/personality then we'll be happy to do so. If your dog prefers a solo walk then we will absolutely do so. We want your dog to have the most comfortable (and fun!) experience possible.

Q: Do you board dogs?
Nope. We will only watch them at your house. This keeps them in a familiar environment.

Q: When is payment due?
We process all credit card transactions for the week on Saturdays. We accept MC, VISA, DISCOVER. For new clients using us for pet sits, payment is due up front.





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