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About the Gopher Dogs

Gopher Dogs Boston was started by cousins Kelly and Chris in February of 2007. They are both life long animal owners and animal lovers who started their business almost out of necessity.

See, they have a family cat who is 17 years old named Squeaky. It was right around Christmas time and their entire family was flying to California for a wedding. The only problem was finding someone to watch Squeaky. Not only is he 17 years old, he takes a variety of medications including an IV every other night! We searched for a care giver and it was extremely hard to find someone to administer all his medications. It was even harder to find someone we felt would give him the same love and attention we would if we were home. 

Right there and then we set out to make a pet care service that fulfilled all those needs and more. I'm happy to say we achieved our goal. Just ask any of our many satisfied customers.



The infamous Squeaky,
happy that he's lounging in his own house.


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